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This project will address your highest priority issues/concerns and quantify the financial impact in a short period of time. See how SORBA can help you achieve the results you want on the path of least resistance.

Try Before You Buy

Try Before You Buy

Receive full access to the fully operationalized SORBA platform along with all fo the product features.

Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Test the highest-risk aspects if proposed solution before fully committing to an organization-wide launch

Next Level Support

Next Level Support

SORBA will provide deep access to the developer and strategic resources to resolve your questions and drive results through implementation and mentoring.

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SORBA allows you to integrate everything into one system. Centralize your data. They key is how do you make all that tech work together in a seamless way? That's what SORBA does.

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The first AI/ML platform to utilize edge computing embedded devices

We give you the ability to create interactive, batch, and real-time predictive analytics from your own device-based network – with all the results displayed and controlled from the same dashboard.

Simple & Powerful

SORBA AI/ML delivers the bottom-line results that companies are looking for

As a stand-alone device, SORBA-SDE (Smart Data Engine) can collect sensor data from multiple sources at the same time. We can compile your data from multiple processes into visual summaries including dashboards, reports, and graphics.

Preventive Maintenance for Modern Businesses

It’s time to upgrade to industry 4.0 for AI-Powered Technologies that delivers insights to cut downtime and boost profits. We designed a simple-to-use software that helps you translate data into actionable at the enterprise level so you can feel confident in taking control of your operations.


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If you are looking to jump right into learning how to collect, configure, visualize, and deploy an AI model, these video courses are for you.